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SmaRt Inventory & smaRt Tracking

What are SmaRt Inventory & smaRt Tracking?

Write down the inventory of each pen is a necessary management task. The possibility of knowing the updated inventory constantly would be a great time saver. SmaRt Inventory allows you to instantly count the number of animals in each enclosure. SmaRt tracking solves the problem of acquiring pig behavior data automatically and accurately in an affordable way. The system tracks and analyzes the behavior of each animal at all times.

How do they work?

What are their advantages?

  • SmaRt Inventory:
    • Saves time to farmers.
    • The camera system allows a vision of all the pigs at a distance.
    • The veterinarians can see what is happening on the farm without being on the site.
    • Better management of the farm.
    • It does not require human intervention.
  • SmaRt Tracking:
    • Individual monitoring of the behavior of animals.
    • Database accessible to researchers.
    • The first tracking system that does not require making a mark on the animal.
    • Mobile version for veterinary use (data to help perform diagnostics) or engineers (data to help validate ventilation calibration by seeing where the pigs rest).

Manufacturing and distribution

Ro-Main is the Canadian developper of Ro-Main smaRt suite for pig breeding. NOSIA, a PigCHAMP group company, distributes these products.

More information

Download Ro-Main smaRt suite for pig breeding: tracking presentation (.pdf in Spanish)