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SmaRt Suite for pig breeding

What is Ro-Main smaRt Suite for pig breeding?

Driven by the desire to create a synergy between animals, humans and their environment, Ro-Main launches 3 software modules for pigs. Through a network of cameras adapted for pig farms, the deep learning algorithms developed analyze the video flows and translate them into individual behavior metrics. The analysis of these metrics provides a better understanding of the specific needs of each animal, automates certain tasks and ensures better decision making.

How does it work?

It consists of 3 different modules:
    • SmaRt Counting: this module saves time in animal counts. The system counts pigs of any size as they move through the corridors. It distinguishes animals from humans to avoid falling into counting errors and detect if they move in the opposite direction to elude duplicating records.
    • SmaRt Inventory: using a network of cameras installed in each enclosure, the system instantly counts the number of animals per pen, per room and per building.
    • SmaRt Tracking: this module tracks and analyzes the behavior of each animal at all times. It collects behavioral data, such as position and velocity, at a predetermined frequency, becoming an essential tool for the analysis of individual behavior by veterinarians, researchers and other professionals.

Manufacturing and distribution

Ro-Main is the Canadian developper of Ro-Main smaRt suite for pig breeding. NOSIA, a PigCHAMP group company, distributes this product.

More information

Download Ro-Main smaRt suite for pig breeding presentation (.pdf in Spanish)