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The PIGWATCH insemination planning system is the resource that allows finding a simple and effective way to inseminate the sows at the best time to improve the results.

This main feature of smaRt suite for sows, helps the producer in the management of these in the interval weaning-cover, as a tool in the management of insemination:

  • Individual recommendation for each animal.
  • Reduction in the number of inseminations needed.
  • Structures the work process optimizing times and resources.

Driven by the spirit of constant improvement, Pigwatch evolves into the smaRt Breeding module of smaRt Suite for sows.

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How does it work?

It monitors the behavior of sows at all times. Analyzes the changes that each sow presents that, valued by Artificial Intelligence, gives rise to an individual recommendation of insemination. All this in a friendly, agile and useful environment for the personnel in charge, easing their results.

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What are the advantages of PIGWATCH?

  • 24/7; Monitoring and tracking of each individual.
  • Great precision that allows to improve productivity.
  • Economy of semen. The use of an average of 1.3 doses per sow in heat allows to invest the effort in doses of higher genetic quality.
  • Saves time in inseminating, making it easier for experienced workers to have time to handle those more complicated sows.

Manufacturing and distribution

ROMAIN is the company that manufcatures PIGWATCH. NOSIA, a PIGCHAMP group company, distributes PIGWATCH in Spain and Portugal.  

More information

Download PigWatch Leaflet (.pdf in Spainsh)