GESTAL SOLO: Feeding systems for lactating sows



The GESTAL SOLO systems allow each lactating sow to be dosed the exact amount that corresponds to each day, following multiple feeding curves adapted to its productive state.

This main characteristic of the GESTAL systems, helps the producer to manage better lactation rooms, who can:

  • Know how much and how the sows eat
  • Ensure a feeding according to the individual needs of each sow
  • Maximize consumption to exploit the genetic potential of each sow
  • Ensure maintenance of body condition during lactation to cope with the subsequent production cycle
  • Avoid waste of feed

How does it work?

The operation is based on dosing each lactating sow the exact amount that corresponds to the number of piglets and the immediate identification of sows that deviate from the optimal pattern of intake. With this, we achieved a significant reduction of the waste of feed.

The system allows the analysis of GESTAL data with PigCHAMP and transform them into useful information in decision making.



What are the advantages of GESTAL SOLO systems?

  • For the sow: They are specified in more piglets with more weight without losing body condition, which is acquired by:

    • Multiple daily dosages that reduce stress and improve intestinal comfort of the bristles
    • Manual increase of feed in sows with high appetite
    • Greater tranquility, less crushed
    • Optimum body condition at the end of lactation
    • Greater longevity, lower replenishment rate

  • For the producer:

    • Reduced time spent physically feeding
    • Immediate detection of sows that deviate from the optimal intake pattern
    • Control of consumption and food 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Self-learning on the part of the animals from the first day without need of handling
    • Significant reduction of feed waste
    • GESTAL devices are simple and robust, have wireless connection and in case of PC failure, GESTAL continues to operate and storing data.

Manufacturing and distribution

JYGA Technologies is the Canadian company manufacturing GESTAL 3G and GESTAL SOLO.

NOSIA, a company of the PigCHAMP group, distributes this product in Spain.