GESTAL 3G: Feeding systems for pregnant sows

What is GESTAL 3G?


GESTAL 3G systems allow to dose each sow with the exact amount that corresponds to each day, following multiple feeding curves adapted to its productive state.

This main characteristic of the GESTAL 3G systems, helps the producer to overcome the problems that he faces in the gestation rooms:

  • Competition between animals for food
  • Stress (especially first timers and submissive sows.)
  • Feeding not adapted or individually controlled
  • Non-homogeneous batches in body condition prior to maternity
  • Waste of feed


How does it work?

The operation is based on administering to each gestating sow the exact amount that corresponds to each day, following adapted feeding curves. This way, we can reduce the stress of primipara pigs and submissive sows as a result of better nutrition. And as a consequence we favor an ideal body condition for birth.


What are the advantages of GESTAL 3G?


  • Reduced time spent physically feeding
  • Rapid detection of sows with deviated ingestion pattern
  • Food control dosing 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Self-learning on the part of the animals from the first day without need of handling
  • GESTAL devices are simple and robust, have wireless connection and in case of PC failure, the system continues to operate and storing data.

Manufacturing and distribution

JYGA Technologies is the Canadian company manufacturing GESTAL 3G and GESTAL SOLO.

NOSIA, a company of the PigCHAMP group, distributes this product in Spain.