CONTACT-O-MAX - Nosia Life Science



The articulated boar cart Contact-O-Max eases the work of fertility optimization, exposing the boar to the sows with a constant snout-to-snout contact that maximizes its stimulation through the pheromones. It is a rigorous, accurate and efficient system for detecting heat that will boost the productivity of your farm.  

How does it work?

What are the advantages of CONTACT-O-MAX?

  • Optimized stimulation of the sow through direct snout-to-snout contact.
  • Improves the weaning – covering interval.
  • It is controlled by remote control allowing a single employee to easily handle it.
  • It has a system of doors to concentrate the interest of the boar in a single sow at a time.
  • Maximum safety for workers and boars.

Manufacturing and distribution

Ro-Main is the Canadian company manufacturing HERCULES’ ARM. NOSIA, a PigCHAMP group company, distributes this product.  

More information

Download CONTACT-O-MAX presentation (.pdf in Spanish)